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We specilize Python/Django Development and ... JavaScript.


Build custom application - scraping, load testing, network programming.


Get web application developed in worldclass framework - secure, fast, scalable.

Django Rest Framework

RESTFul API for mobile App or JavaScript like ReactJS, Vue.js, Angular


Blazing fast frotend development in Angular, React or you need advance tool in plain vanilla JavaScript.


Originally Ontreat, now Python/Django Agency

  • 2014

    Begining of

    Our journey started as - restaurant booking and food buying service for giving treat to friends and family. We have some fun stuffs from those days - checkout Youtube and Facebook Page, and blog

  • April 2015

    Tragic Year

    A massive earthquake, magnitude of 7.8Mw, hit Nepal. We lost our homes - thousands of people lost their life, millions people lost their family members and house. And, as tiny startup, ontreat lost our its business traction. Thankfully all our relative, team are safe!

  • 2016 - Now

    Transition and Experiment

    It took time to recover from earthquake disaster - to build homes and everything. However we were passionate geek, had years of experience and expertise. We pivoted to Python/Django Agency. We helped awesome entreprenuers to build their application, and also experiented some of our ideas.

    Now, we are fullscale development agency. We can help you to develop quick MVP to full featured scalable solution.


From MVP to fullscale product


Multifaceted E-commerce


Gaming, Subscription


Marketing, Scraping




Web monitoring tool

Web Scraping

High performance scraping app using Tornado, Scrapy to fulfill custom need.

Ontreat Service Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu-16, Nayabazar
Kathmandu, Nepal
Krishna Sunuwar